Xavier Lozinguez

Written by Xavier Lozinguez who lives and works in New Jersey (sometimes) building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter

Starting a new job? Here are 7 tips to help you

August 14, 2019

Whether it is your first job straight out of college or you have been around the block a few times already, starting a new chapter brings…

My manager Readme

June 14, 2019

About Me Hi, I’m Xavier (I go by X). I was born in France and, after visiting pretty much every corner of the Hexagon and starting an…

Getting started with Gatsby

January 28, 2018

These are some notes in case you are interested in getting your site up and running on Github Pages using Gatsby. Gatsby? Gatsby combines…

No Heroes

December 01, 2017

Have you ever been put in a situation where, facing choices, you make a call, and it ends up blowing up in your hand? Not only you don’t get…

So, today is my last day @ Yieldmo

November 07, 2017

Today, I bid farewell to my fellow Yieldmates. It is bittersweet since this group is composed of a talented bunch which I am sure will…